Top sellers

Feedback from customers tells us that our polishing pads:

  • Are easy to use.
  • Removes densifier very well. 
  • Helps to create spectacular floors. 
  • Floors finishes are up to a new level. 
  • No resin build up on the floor. 
  • Works over aluminium strips.
  • A lot quicker to use / reduces time working on the floor.
  • The 100 grit pads remove densifier well. Lasting well over double the life of other Resin Pads.
  • We are getting up to 1000sq metres and more in most grits.
GTA pads were designed by Australian polishers for Australian floors and are 10 mm thick and come in 50 grit / 100 grit / 200 grit / 400 grit / 800 grit / 1500 grit and 3000 grit.
Polishing companies have told us that after using the GTA pads that they will not go back to any other pad on the market.