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Starting a Grinding or Polishing Business

We have machines for sale

Getting involved in the concrete grinding, concrete polishing business is a fantastic choice.

Grinding Tools Australia can help you grow and take the worry out of which machines / which products to use or not to use. 

Do not get sucked in by buying a machine that will not cover all your needs. (grinding / grind and sealing and polishing) 

Money Miles and Speed. On every job companies look for ways to save Money / getting extra Miles out of their products / Speed to complete the job and getting product.

Why GTA and why not others

Teaming up with GTA means you have already saved yourself valuable time and $$$$ as GTA has completed numerous on site testing on a very large number of tooling.

Some product we found excellent and some product not so good.

Our company focus is on offering our customers the best in grinding and polishing tools at a good price.

What do I need to get started

You will need a floor machine(s), dust vacuum system(s), diamond tooling, chemicals (densifier and sealer).

The key to grinding or polishing concrete is your project is completed in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

The outcome should be Win/Win situation for you and end customer. You will make more $$$ and your next job can come from your last job. (Word of mouth)

Choosing the correct machine and tooling is critical for the success of your business.

Which Machine

One question a number of people have asked. If I buy a machine can I still come to GTA to but the diamond products.

Yes you can buy a machine from the 3 or 4 suppliers and then come to GTA for the diamond segments / cup wheels / pads etc.

At GTA we can help you with which machine to buy or put you in touch with the company if you like depending on your business model.

Polished Concrete – General

There are basic 2 parts. Exposure + Polish

There are different methods used depending on the look / exposure you are after. Saying this nearly all the different methods follow the same initial few steps.

Concrete condition

Your diamonds need to match the concrete condition.

Hard concrete is a function of grind ability. If dust produced is exeptionally fine it wont keep the diamonds open.

Soft concrete produces coarse, abrasive dust, especially green, water damaged concrete.  

If the concrete is hard then you will need to use GTA soft bond diamond tooling. If concrete is soft, you have to use a GTA hard bond diamond. At GTA we can help you with this.

The condition of the concrete will determine the initial grinding steps needed to prepare the floor for polishing including coatings, epoxy removal etc.

Note the lower the grit number, the larger the grit is. This sait the first cut you can start with a GTA 30 grit diamond then move up to the GTA 60 grit and final cut using the GTA120 grit.

To complete the polishing stage you would move onto the GTA polishing pads.

When to go to site

Brand new concrete floors you have to allow at least 7-10 days to cure before the major part of the work commences. If the slab is old, you may need to check for pits and cracks, and then use the GTA 100 product to fill the holes.

Go back to finish the polishing process before skirting boards go on / plastering stage.

How much aggregate will show

If you are required to show aggregate, you have to grind/pass over the concrete more times. Full exposure you may need to pass over up to 5 times.

Grinding Wet or Dry

Most people use the dry process – it is faster and less messy but you will need a good vacuum to take care of the dust.

Expansion joints

These can crack however not every joint cracks.

Expansion joints can be filled with K15.

With new slabs we suggest using long rods/rio bars in corners which can help reduce the cracking.

Good Luck

Have fun making money. Learn from others who are experienced in this business.

At GTA we can sit down with you after hours and help you start or help you move forward.

Thanks from all at GTA - Hope to see you in the near future